Snow Globe Maker Spring

Snow Globe Maker Spring

Snow Globe Maker Spring is the most customizable iPhone snow globe app ever! Mix and match the professional art and add your own photos to create and share infinitely unique virtual snow globes.

Finally, an app that motivates kids to send thank yous, make something special for Mother’s Day, keep in touch with family, and flex their creative muscles. Even non-readers can use the simple mix-and-match interface. Photographers, crafters, scrapbookers, and creative kids—express your artistry and have some fun creating unique, personalized snow globes.

Snow Globe Maker Spring iPhone App

The most customizable snow globe app available:

  • choose from the photo album or use the iPhone camera directly
  • share your globe with integrated email, Facebook and photo menus
  • two photo display styles: insert the photo or fill the whole globe
  • add professional art from a library of inserts, backgrounds and bases
  • add your own label
  • set auto snow, shake to snow, and no snow options
  • zoom and un-zoom
  • try the Random button for auto-customizing
  • play the custom spring theme song or your own music

Make a special Mother’s Day globe featuring the red roses and a picture of Mom; create a birthday ecard with a friend’s favorite images; celebrate a birth with the baby bear, deer, or lamb.

Check out the Snow Globe Maker Spring demo video on YouTube.

Photo snow globe from Snow Globe Maker Spring appUse the iPhone camera to add pictures to your snow globeCapture travel memories with Snow Globe Maker SpringCreate custom birthday greetings with Snow Globe Maker SpringCombine photos and art with Snow Globe Maker Spring

Go ahead—express yourself! Snow Globe Maker Spring is the only iPhone app that gives you so many ways to share your moods, interests and humor and then blend it with the beauty of spring.

Snow Globe Maker Spring includes 70 high-quality pieces of art that can be combined to generate over 1.5 million unique globes. When you add your own photos, the creative possibilities are endless. With so many choices, there is a Snow Globe Maker combination that is right for everyone.

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