Snow Globe Maker Winter was featured in Apple Store’s holiday promotion during the 2009 holiday season.

Snow Globe Maker Animals is highlighted in the Photography New & Noteworthy section of the iTunes App Store.

What reviewers are saying about the Snow Globe Maker iPhone app.

“it is not too soon to start thinking of your holiday greeting card list….with Snow Globe Maker, dress it up a bit and dazzle your friends. The app will take any picture and customize it into a moving snow globe.”

“Here are five must-have apps to have on your iPhone or iPod Touch if you must hit the mall with the tots in tow… This great app lets them make their own snow globes on your phone. Once finished just shake the phone to see the snow fall.”

“Best Christmas and Holiday iPhone Apps for Kids. I liked this snow globe app because kids can pick their own items to go in the snow globe.”

“If you want a simple, fun app to get you into the Holiday Spirit, Snow Globe Maker is just that… The Snow Globe Maker allows you to make and send as many as you want and the look is as creative as you want to be. Although this app is very simple, it is fun, light-hearted and can really brighten someone’s day…   There is nothing that a kid wouldn’t like about this app.”

“now you can have another unique and awesome looking greeting card to send out with this Snow Globe Maker Winter Edition iPhone app. With this app, you can create custom holiday greetings which you can send out to your family and/or friends. It is creative, easy and fun to use that even kids can use them too.”  Mobile Whack

“SnowGlobe Maker: Beach edition is one application that test your artistic talents and creativity in creating a beautiful beach sand globes… SnowGlobe Maker is one application that would awaken your aesthetic sense and refresh your memories on the go.”  iPhone Footprint

“Every now and then I find a really fun and interesting product. The iPhone SnowGlobe Maker is a great example… My favorite part is that you can either have the snow fall continuously or shake it just like a regular snowglobe and watch the snow gently settle back into place.”

Comments from our customers:

“Colors are bright, easy to use. It’s by far my favorite of the snow globe apps out there”

“Snow Globe Maker Winter Edition has certainly put the charm back into my holidays. My son and I love to make and exchange globes and it is fun to share them with friends and family.”

“This app is great – terrific graphics and music”

“Great customization choices to create unique snow globes!”

“I bought it for my kids, but I love it too!”

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