The Snow Globe Maker app series has been updated for the iOS4 operating system. Snow Globe Maker AnimalsSnow Globe Maker WinterSnow Globe Maker Beach, and Snow Globe Maker Spring are available on the iTunes App Store now.

Watch the Snow Globe Maker Animals demo here:

or view Snow Globe Maker Animals on YouTube.

All Snow Globe Maker apps can be customized with photo integration, professional art, a custom label and multiple snow settings. Creative kids and adults can design and share unlimited virtual snow globes on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Snow Globe Maker souvenirs are fun to make and it’s easy to email, post, save and share creations with friends and family.

Please email questions, feedback and suggestions to or visit us on Facebook.

Here are demos of our latest updates to Snow Globe Maker Winter, Beach and  Spring for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Snow Globe Maker Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is each Snow Globe Maker app different?

A. Each version of Snow Globe Maker includes own unique art and theme song to fit the theme.

  • Snow Globe Maker Animals includes a variety of animal illustrations like a polar bear, elephant, penguin, dog, cat, horse, lamb, and many more.
  • Snow Globe Maker Winter includes a beautiful snow scape, winter and holiday art, and a seasonal theme song.
  • Snow Globe Maker Beach  includes a sandy beach, beachy art inserts, and a Calypso theme song.
  • Snow Globe Maker Spring includes a grassy base, falling raindrops, springtime art, and a soothing theme song.

Check out sample snow globes on our Apps pages for examples and more detail. All Snow Globe Maker versions allow you to create and share unlimited personalized globes by adding your own photos and customizing the background, base, label, globe inserts, and snow style.

Q. How do I create and share custom snow globes?

A. Snow Globe Maker Spring includes a simple mix-and-match interface that’s so easy even non-readers can use it.

  • Tap the screen to see the menu, or swipe to go directly to the Customize screen.
  • Click the share button to choose the email, Facebook, and save photo options.
  • Double-tap or pinch to zoom and unzoom.
  • Shake your iPhone or iPod touch to make the snow swirl (when snow is set to “Shake to Snow”)

Q. How do I send my snow globe in email?

While viewing your globe, tap to see the menu, then tap the center icon. Choose Email Photo, then fill out the email form and click send.

Q. What else can I change?

Choose from three snow settings: Auto Snow, Shake to Snow or No Snow

Turn the theme song off and on from the Music tab

Q. Can I put my own art in the snow globe?

No, but if you’re an illustrator and want to see your  art in a future snow globe, send your contact information to

Q. I have a great iPhone app idea, can you build it for me?

Yes, please visit the Hawk Ridge Consulting company website for information on custom iPhone app services.

Q. What about my question that you didn’t answer here?

Please send questions, feedback, and suggestions to Support at SnowGlobeMaker dot com.

Thank you for your interest in Snow Globe Maker!

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